It's Easy Being a Green Mama

I’m dreaming of a Green Christmas
December 2, 2017, 5:40 pm
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The week of Thanksgiving, I was definitely living the green lifestyle.  I did not shop.  AT ALL.  It wasn’t an exercise of self-restraint; I was without any funds.

I was the ultimate green mama that week.  I didn’t buy anything on Black Friday, small business Saturday, or Cyber Monday.  I did find that without any way to buy anything, I wasn’t interested in looking at the ads.  

Why was I without money?  I lost my credit card.  That was annoying, but I had my debit card.  I could be careful, I thought.  But then my debit card number was stolen, so it had to be cancelled.  For more than a week, I had a few dollars in cash to spend.  So I stuck close to home, walked everywhere (and rode my bike a bit) so I didn’t have to get gas.  I ate food we had in the house.

And I didn’t start my holiday shopping.  Instead, it gave me time to think about what was really important.  I have a lot of blessings.  A happy home, a loving family, lots of friends and community.  Would my life really be improved with that upgraded ring I was due for?  Or a car that was more reliable than the one I’m driving?  Do my children really need more toys?

Well, they think they do.  While I’ve been trying to be a great role model for them, taking them to pack Thanksgiving meals for families in transition, getting a present for an angel tree, and packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child, they’ve been writing a big wish list.  I know that it’s perfectly normal, and it does bring them joy to open presents.  I also know that my youngest child, who is 1.5 years old, loves empty boxes and old soccer balls.  I could put a soccer ball that he already has in an empty box and he’d be thrilled.  My almost 4 year old daughter wants a fancy balloon and a flashlight.  It’s really just the oldest, who is six and easily influenced, who is really craving presents.

What I’d really for our family is to make memories.  I’d like to spend lots of time with them, making cookies and crafts and having adventures.  I think, in the end, that’s what they would like, too.  I’d like to get our family a membership to the local science center.  They won’t outgrow that too fast, and there isn’t any waste involved.  I know, I will have to get them something to open.

For practical gifts, this reusable sandwich wrap is on my list.

My challenge is going to be to come up with an eco-friendly, budget friendly, GREEN CHRISTMAS list.