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Feeding my family…on the go
August 13, 2017, 8:40 pm
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I meant to write a blog post earlier this week, but things have been hectic.  I got back from my weekend away Tuesday morning, just in time to help the kids get ready to go back to school.  For some people, having two kids in school might make for more free time, but for me, I get busier than ever.  Now I have to rush everyone to where they need to be, in addition to all the regular chores, like walking the dog, cleaning, volunteering, and trying to find time for the baby to nap.

Somewhere in all this busyness everyone needs to eat, and we eat on five different schedules.  It’s easy to reach for the nearest food option, be it fast food or a bag of chips. This kind of eating quickly gets expensive, and often isn’t as healthy as the food I would prepare at home. The trick  of avoiding fast food is having a routine of food preparation.

Like many moms, I do a lot of my meal prep at night.  I make everyone’s lunch the night before, and sometimes get breakfast and dinner ready as well.  My oldest eats lunch at school, and almost always brings her lunch.  I pack her a bento style box, and a reusable water bottle.  The two girls both bring snacks to school.  I use cloth sandwich bags to put different snacks in.   I also pack snacks for the baby and me to have on hand while we’re out running around the next day.  My daily snack, which I usually end up sharing, is air-popped popcorn, with a sprinkle of grapeseed oil and nutritional yeast, mixed with some raw nuts and dried fruit.  I take that and two water bottles with me in the car.  I also like to bring kale chips, energy bites, fruit, and usually crackers for the kids.

I prep the next day’s dinner.  I have been making lots of slow cooker meals, which I get all ready the night before.  Everything is ready to go, so all I have to do is take it out of the refrigerator and turn it on in the morning.  If it’s not a slow cooker meal, I make dinner during the baby’s morning nap while the girls are at school.

Finally, I get my breakfast ready, by getting my dry ingredients for my smoothie next to my blender for the morning. I like to get up before everyone else.  Some people have their coffee, but I like to make my smoothie and sit for five minutes of calm and peace before the craziness of the morning.

Of course, realistically, I get a snack or meal on the go frequently.  I try to eat food that is minimally processed, but it can be hard to find.  At home, I tend to frequent the same few places.  This past week, I spend time in Bend, Oregon. I went to Next Level Burger for lunch, and I had a vegan burger there.  They reused or composted everything.  It also made it very easy to stick to my no disposable straws/bags commitment, because neither was offered.  I also got a smoothie, which was great, but I felt very guilty, because the cup I drank it out of was a one-use cup (made out of corn, but still).

Usually, eating out, especially with kids, even if I remember to bring our own bottles from home, there’s all the paper napkins that get used with my messy kids.  Plus, they tend not to eat everything (at least my two daughters) and we have to bring it home in a container.  I try to wash those and re-use them when I can, but often they get tossed out.  There’s also plastic forks, knives and spoons that get tossed after one use.

I’ve already gotten into the habit of bringing my stainless steel straws with me.  I usually have my water bottle.  So my next step, for this week’s challenge, is to bring my own utensils and take home containers, so those don’t get wasted, either.  If I bring my own things from home that I’ll have to wash, it will force me to think twice if I really need to buy that food, or just eat what I already have.


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