It's Easy Being a Green Mama

Shopping for food as a green mama
August 4, 2017, 12:58 am
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My priority for feeding my family is a plant-based, whole food diet as much possible.  I find that getting most of our nutrients from plants is cheaper and it saves energy.   Our family rarely eats meat, so when we do, I usually get organic.  It makes it more feasible for me to spend the money on it when we don’t do it often.  I try to make most of my meals from scratch.  If I can’t make all the food from scratch, if at all possible, I try to buy food with ingredients that are simple.

In a future blog post, I plan to go into the reasons of why I eat the way I do.  I am not the strictest at eating this way, but I try to stick to it.  It is much easier to grab goldfish and veggie straws, especially with the amount of time I get to prepare snacks and meals.

I love food shopping, honestly.  I try to go without the kids when I can.  Sometimes my husband lets me go run errands on the weekends by myself, which for moms of young children, is like a vacation.  When this happens, I get to go to some of my favorite places (multiple ones) to get ingredients.  I love going to smaller, family run businesses if I can.  I like to see what interesting, seasonal items they have.  I have a weakness for exotic food and produce that I’ve never seen before.  Being a green mama, this can get me into trouble, and I don’t buy it if I can’t justify it.  When the kids are with me, I usually end up at the supermarket with them, grabbing things as fast as I can, giving them cookies and taking deep breaths.

Like many mamas, I plan my meals, make a list, and then try to stick to it.  I’m not much of a couponer, to be honest.  I have tried it, and I’m not good at finding the time to look for coupons that I’ll use.  I love when our local grocery chain sends me coupons for fresh items, like dairy or fruit, which they do because I joined the baby club.  I also love when my favorite smaller businesses send me a coupon through e-mail.  I try to buy bulk of items, or get them when they’re on sale.   I also try to get produce when it’s in season, it’s usually cheaper, and then freeze it.

Other options for buying fresh local produce is going to local farmer’s markets and belonging to a co-op.  I have tried both of these things, but haven’t done it lately.  We also have had a garden in the past.  While labor intensive, I love having a garden.  When kids contribute, they definitely are more excited to eat their food.   Plus, you have complete control, and you know exactly what pesticides were used on your food.  The best broccoli I’ve ever eaten was picked that day.

When I go shopping, I sometimes come home with so many plastic bags.  I reuse some of them for trash and for my dog, but they easily fill up in our closet. Sometimes I remember to bring my reusable bags to the grocery store.  So this week’s challenge is to say NO to plastic bags.  I will bring my reusable bags every time I leave my house, including to go to the book store, toy store, and clothes store.

Plastic bags contribute to the plastic floating around the ocean.  Leatherbacks, which love to eat jellyfish, mistake them for the favorite food, and mistakenly eat them.  Read more about it here:

I’m giving myself a second challenge.  I’m going to try making sure the produce I get is local.  I’m going to check out the farmer’s market across the street.  I’m also going to sign up for a box from Space Girl Organics.  I’ll let you know how it goes very soon.  This is the organization I’m going to use:

I have so much more to say on the topics of feeding my family.  It is so important to me, and it is a labor of love!


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