It's Easy Being a Green Mama

It’s still easy to be a green mama
July 27, 2017, 12:51 am
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Like it usually does when you’re raising children, time has flown by.  It’s been nearly five years since I wrote in this blog.  A lot has happened.  I now have three kids, not just one.  The oldest is about to start first grade, my middle child will be in preschool, and my youngest will continue to hang out with me.  I have gotten to do other creative projects, I’ve tried working part time outside the home, and I’ve learned a lot about parenting.  I have explored different methods of being crunchy and frugal.

Having three kids has kept me on my toes.  These three kids are individuals with different learning styles, different motivations, and different personalities.  For example, my oldest has had to overcome a lot of sensory sensitivities, and it’s only now that she is not overcome by loud noises. Whereas my youngest is a sensory seeker; he encounters most things as an adventure.  It certainly makes introducing new foods to him much easier.

I always knew parenting isn’t easy.  And having three hasn’t made it harder, just more challenging in an exciting way.  I’m never without love, and rarely alone.  As I write this, my wiggly one year old is in my lap, and he is trying very hard to help type.  His two big sisters are having “quiet” time.  As good a time as any for writing.

Having a chaotic home, with lots of busy bodies, and a hectic schedule can make it more challenging for me to pay attention to what really matters.  But also more rewarding.  I need to provide a bright future for these children.  I want them to have a beautiful planet to explore.  I want them to have their needs met without clutter.   I have stuck to the core of being green, but some of things have gotten away from me.

I have returned to writing this blog for many reasons.  The biggest one is, I want to be held accountable.  I have ideas for new ways to be green and if I make it public, I feel like I’m much more likely to carry through.  I still believe, very much, in all the things I’ve set out to do.  With three kids, being green is so important.  I don’t think zero waste is realistic for our family, but I can help minimize it.

Challenge 1:


We live very close to the ocean, and very close to a unique and important estuary.  I hear constant reminders to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  My first step in reducing my plastic consumption is to stop using disposable drinking straws.  Say no thank you, and when I really need a straw, to use my brand new stainless steel straws. My family goes through so many straws, and I, as the mom, influence the kids in what they consume.  So, as a family, we’re saying NO to disposable straws.

I hope you’ll accept this challenge with me.  I know it’s small, but if more and more people join me, we can slowly reduce the amount of plastic being thrown away.

The straws I bought:

I plan to introduce a new challenge every week, and get rid of as much of my wasteful practices as I can.  Check back here soon, to see what is next.

To read more about how plastic is impacting the planet, visit this site: